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Do you want to run your PC from the USB?
USB Farm can load a full Operative System from a USB stick, without touching anything on your existing PC!
You can take this USB with you anywhere, and always have your own OS on any PC you use!
Linux based operating system with a Windows like shell, includes complete set of applications for desktops and laptops.
Free software and updates, productivity suite, web browser, image editing, multimedia and email for your everyday needs.
Plug & play, no installation required, easy to use, persistent setup.
Any changes you make, while running the USB, will be there on the next session.
Full pdf tutorial how to run the USB & the Linux OS.

A perfect solution to run an old PC, to have a powerful OS in a pocket,
to install your favorite apps also on a locked PC, to have rescue disk.
It's a valid and free alternative to an expensive Windows environment.

    How it works?
  • Automatic USB image download after payment. Then you can burn the USB image on your favorite USB pen drive.
  • A USB pen drive with at least 8Gb is required and is not included.
  • Nothing to install. All is included in the download that is around 3.6Gb. The burn utility works on Windows.

  • What's inside the USB image?
  • Linux distro based on Ubuntu with free updates
  • Graphical shell such as Windows
  • Office Suite, File Manager, Photo Audio Video player, Utilities
  • Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Printers support
  • The USB can works also offline without Internet connection
  • Easy download of new apps from the app store
  • Free space available to store your files, around 2Gb in a 8Gb USB stick, 10Gb in a 16Gb stick, ...
  • Any change is saved in the USB, like in a standard PC
Desktop Screenshot with default app installed on the usb.farm USB stick
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Example of a Default Desktop
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Example of a MAC Theme
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Software Manager to install new software

    PC Technical requirement
  • BootAble USB (Full Tutorial). Compatible with any USB drive and port
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • 64-bit computer (Almost all computers sold since 2007 are equipped with 64-bit processors)
    Please contact us if you need a 32-bit version

This powerful USB image costs only 9€ on Paypal
Payment through all cryptocurrencies also accepted. Tell us which is your favorite coin.

Contact mail: USB.FARM @ OUTLOOK.COM
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