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UUK Code - Welcome
For many students, particularly those living away from home for the first time, dealing with university accommodation issues can be a daunting process. 
It is important that student accommodation meets good management and physical standards. 
For this reason, all student accommodation is England and Wales is required by law to be registered with a Code of Practice, or with a local authority. 
This website will help you check if your accommodation is registered with the UUK/GuildHE Code.  If it is, this website can also provide you with useful information on what the code covers and the standards you should expect from your university or college accommodation. 
If it is not registered with this code, you might want to check the ANUK code or with your local authority. 
The Student Accommodation Code has been designed to protect your rights to safe, good quality university accommodation, wherever you are studying, and to make sure you get the best out of your time living in university or college residences. It outlines everything you should expect from your university-managed accommodation, as well as your responsibilities as tenants. Not all university residences are covered by The Code, to find out which buildings are covered, please visit
The Code protects your rights to:
A healthy, safe environment. Timely repairs and maintenance. A clean, pleasant living environment. A formal, contractual relationship with your landlord. Access to health and wellbeing services. A living environment free from anti-social behaviour.