Xenu Link Sleuth is a Windows app that checks for websites broken links.
The spider checks links but also images, backgrounds, frames present on a site.
It's possible to test also sitemap, ftp, gopher. SSL is supported.
The entire website structure can be download into an excel file for sort and analysis.
All Windows versions are supported. Software available with Free Download.
Last version is 1.3.8 and no updates are available since 2010.

The main software feature is to find broken links.
If you like to perform a website optimization, you have to search for an powerful alternative.

Are there any alternatives?
You can order a Website Audit that crawl your website using the same directives as the Googlebot.
Data collected includes internal and external link, metadata, images, details info to fix errors and improve SEO.
You can optimize also missing & duplicated meta, H1, alt text on images,
size of images/titles/descriptions, index status, url non ascii encoded.
SEO Website Audit Report
Do you want to see an Audit Report result? Website crawled: themeforest.net